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Woman on Fire, a video by Kathleen LaughlinThe heart of WOMAN ON FIRE is the filmmaker's connection with three life-long friends, who candidly share their experiences about menopause. Their insights are enlarged by the stories and comments of a diverse group of writers, activists, artists and health professionals. Woven through with animation, dramatic sequences recalling her own mother's 'change', and hauntingly beautiful images from nature, this video offers the idea that menopause is a transformation.

WOMAN ON FIRE is an hour that considers the very personal, as well as the new popular culture that menopause has become; that considers the hidden stories of our mothers as well as the deeper connections between physiology and psychology. It is full of information and refreshing perspectives including contributions from Meridel LeSueur, Dr. Sadja Greenwood, Sandra Boucher, Freude Bartlett and Dena Taylor. Their voices collide in a surprising, humorous and collective search to discover what the significant and mysterious passage is about.

Woman on Fire, a video by Kathleen Laughlin This video is highly recommended for individuals of all ages; clinics, women's health and menopause workshops; women's groups, public libraries, spiritual centers, bookstores, high school and college level women's studies; philosophy, psychology and theology departments; medical schools, and especially mothers and daughters.