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Life at the MN State Public School for Dependent & Neglected Children, 1886-1945

A film by Kathleen Laughlin

The video establishes the history and context surrounding the period of the orphanage's existence and politics of the time which moved the State Legislature to initiate such an institution, A scripted narration weaves in and out of the voices and video of an interesting range of former residents, still alive at the time of the documenting, who were there for differing amounts of their young lives. These interviews are supplemented by old photographs, documents, 16 mm film taken in the 30's, and some re-enactment. Seeing/hearing their personal stories, the viewer can gain deep insight into why and how these kinds of places existed.

A production of The MN state Public School Orphanage Museum Produced and guided by executive producer Maxine Ronglein and historian Harvey Ronglien; Mike Mass, Project Director; Kathleen Laughlin, Director and Editor; Ed Matney, camera; Ted Golbuff, sound; Mike Hazard, writer; Robert Hughes, composer; Kevin Kling, Narrator.
Thanks to The Orphanage Museum's Board of Directors, initial funding from MN Historical Society and corporate and individual donations.